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Tony Beltran, MBA, Executive Director.


About Us
This program provides immunizations to adults and children in Lake County throughout the year.

Who Can Receive Services
Children 18 and younger must be Federal Vaccine for Children (VFC) eligible to receive services with the exception of flu shots. Adults do not have to meet any specific age, demographic or income eligibilities.

Contact Us
Population Health Services

Fax: 847.984.5671

Main Office:
 2303 Dodge Avenue
Waukegan, IL  60085
(just east of the Belvidere Medical Building)
Main Office:
 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Clinic hours are different than office hours. Please click "listing of clinic dates, times and locations" for clinic hours. Immunizations at the Waukegan clinic are by appointment only.


Additional Information

  • At the family immunization clinics, children can be immunized with all recommended and required routine immunizations.
  • Children aged 18 years and younger who receive our services MUST be eligible for the Federal Vaccine For Children program. Click here to read the requirements.
  • The only vaccine we carry for children 18 years and younger who are not VFC eligible is influenza (flu) vaccine.
  • We carry the following vaccines for adults: influenza (flu), Pneumococcal and Tdap.
  • Parents or guardians must bring immunization records of their children with them.
  • If a child has an immunization letter from a school nurse, it should be brought to the clinic.
  • Immunizations cost $16.00 per shot, but no child is turned away due to a lack of ability to pay.
  • Immunizations are also provided to adults during our family clinics. Prices for adult vaccines vary.

    Vaccine Fees

    Pediatric Vaccines:
    The administration charge for all pediatric vaccines will now be increased to $16.00 per dose. There is no co-pay for Medicaid recipients. We will not deny pediatric vaccines even if the responsible party cannot pay for them..

    Adult Vaccines:
    We no longer carry most vaccines for adults. These can be obtained at your private provider’s office or at most pharmacies. However, we do continue to carry the vaccines listed below. The fees for these vaccines have decreased. Adults are expected to pay at the point of service unless the requested vaccines are covered by Medicare Part B or Medicaid.


    Adult Vaccine Charges      Charges Valid Until November 30, 2014



    # Doses in a Primary Series

    Covered by Medicaid?

    Covered by Medicare Part B?

    Flu Shot

    $29.00 per dose

    Charge increases for recombinant shot or high dose shot

    1 (yearly)

    Some Plans


    Flu Nasal Mist

    $39.00 per dose

    1 (yearly)

    Some Plans



    $62.00 per dose


    Some Plans



    $43.00 per dose


    Some Plans



Click here for a list of clinic dates, times and locations in English and Spanish.



Flu shots are offered each year during the fall, winter and spring months to adults and children 6 months of age and older. Pneumonia shots are also offered at the flu clinics, as well as year-round during family clinics. If you would like more information on the flu or where to get a flu shot, please click here.



Immunization Links 

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Vaccine Information Sheets - Safety information provided by the CDC in English print and audio formats as well as links to sites with information in other languages, including Spanish

Reliable Sources of Vaccine Information

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